Buy Shoes That Are Professionally Dyed

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It is strongly recommended that you bring shoes that can be colored to a competent professional or master dyer when you are ready to color them instead of doing it yourself. Dying shoes is an art, and those who have broader experience and training will be able to match the colors you want more closely.

You can find an online dyer shoe service or through your local bridal shop, shoe retailer, or shoe repair shop. Whether you choose local or online services, you need to know a few things. If you are searching for dyeable evening shoes then you can visit

Ask to approve color samples before the shoes are painted. Ask for swatches of material that is identical to your shoes, if possible. Save a swatch. In this way, if the color is not what you expected, you can produce the sample as proof.

Light conditions affect the appearance of most fabrics. The color wills likely look different in natural lighting than in neon or another indoor lighting. Likewise, shade and sunlight will create a different appearance. Tell the shoe dye professional about lighting conditions, and ask him to do color matching under similar lighting.

Because of variations in materials, it's almost impossible to get the perfect partner. The exact same color may look different in lux soft than on high sparkling satin. Therefore, expect the color of shoes for accessories and complement your dress, rather than fusing with 100 percent match.

Leave a lot of time to complete the color approval process and die. Two, three, or more weeks is a typical time frame, especially if you have several dyed items.