Benefits of Using Natural Epsom Salts in your Bath

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With the increasing costs of living and busy lifestyle, everyone wants to relax & unwind after a long day.

Epsom salt based products produce to relax, soften & soothe. Epsom salt has been used & well known for hundreds of years, and unlike other salts, it has marvelous benefits & advantages including:


Relax & relieve tired achy muscles

Reduces Stress

Exfoliates dry skin

Soothes the mind, body & soul

All bath products are handmade fresh daily using the excellent ingredients. Blended with fragrances like relaxation/lavender, eucalyptus (cold butter), a Hawaiian sunrise, anti-stress, honeydew, mango mania & much more. Bathspirations ideal choice to help you relax & rejuvenate at the end of your hectic day.

Looking for rich frothy bubbles? The truth is that standard "liquid" bubble bath is made of almost ALL water. All the perk of Epsom salt with bubbles too!  Relax & enjoy the appetizing aroma and rich foamy bubbles. Also available in many mouth-watering color/fragrance combinations.Using natural products are advantageous to those whose skins are allergic to chemicals. Aside from retaining your desired natural beauty, you save the environment from the usage of all those chemicals

And kids love it too!  For that reason, each product & recipe is mean to be fun & fabulous for everyone to enjoy. Children love their Epsom salt bubble bath mix with such yummy fragrances as cotton candy, strawberries & cream or triple berry.