Benefits Of Dark Chocolate – Does It Outweigh The Costs?

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If you are a "chocoholic," then there is some good news for you: many doctors now actually encourage consume dark chocolate. Some chocolates can be beneficial to your gums, eyes, heart, arteries and entire immune system. It can also help to lower cholesterol levels and balance blood pressure and blood sugar. However, there are many kinds of chocolates that will provide such benefits.

 Chocolates, created from natural cocoa powder beans, have been recommended for consumption even as much as three times in the day. This is because the cocoa bean would be the food with the highest amounts of antioxidants ever, which protect your body from oxidative stress linked to aging. Other foods, including red wine, tea, and few vegetables and fruits also offer similar health benefits, but cocoa still tops them all when it comes to the antioxidants. These antioxidant chemical substances are called flavanols, which presumably supply chocolates and various health benefits. You can have comparison of cocoa flavanols online and buy the best that suits you the best.

Ironically, flavanols basically taste very bitter; so many companies that leave candy bars take out the majority of the flavanols to make this chocolate taste better. This obviously strips the chocolate of all of its health gains. Furthermore, there is absolutely no way of knowing which bag of chips is healthiest, as companies don't indicate how many flavanols are left inside the final product. This is why buying chocolates candy bars simply to get the health effects may certainly not work.