Beautiful Ceramic Tile Work is Possible For the Beginner

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Anyone with a little care and patience can fit beautiful ceramic or glass tile work. You will notice that with a little consideration in the arrangement of the tile, picking the right color sequences and sizes of your tile and then correctly fitting the tile can appear in work that you will be happy to show off to your friends and you can save huge amounts of cash as an added bonus.

TOOLS AND MATERIALS REQUIRED - Paper pad, pencil, marking tape, 2" level, chalk line, tile cutter (you may hire one by the day at most rental stores or buy an inexpensive one for less than $25), sponges, bucket for clean water, container for mixing grout, grout, pre-mix tile adhering, latex (rubber) gloves and a clean float or two and a water bucket.If you are looking for Tiling Perth and Wall and Floor Tiling Service Perth visit Gun Tiling.

LAYOUT - Start with a small plan. Possibly a countertop or backsplash in the pantry or possibly a sink backsplash in the bathroom. Using a paper and pencil form the surface you are working to use tile to and holding each dimension of the work.

A typical area plan will show all dimensions from wall to wall, floor to cover for whatever surface where you are going to place tile. Keep your measurements correct. Tile is valuable so limit your waste.You may visit to design your floor tile and bathroom tiling.

COUNTERTOP - The countertop must be very firm and solid. A dual layer of ¾ plywood or ceramic tile cement backer board and a layer of ¾" plywood is a minimum.

Cement backer board is available under various business names but is specifically made for ceramic tile. Make sure it is adjusted correctly.

Cutting can be done with a power saw and carbide edge but causes a big deal of dust so cut it outside and use protection glasses and a dust mask. Backer board in sink areas is recommended.