Be Careful While Hiring A Travel Agents In Bangkok

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Travel agents are respected, professionals, seasoned and well-trained. However all travel agents aren’t the same, there are a number of exceptions to the rules. Therefore, we will need to be cautious and should understand some basic things before selecting a travel agent.

Do check out the few things, which can be helpful while seeking a trusted travel agent.

First and the foremost thing is to be careful of the hidden charges. A respectable travel agent won’t ever come up after for any hidden charges. The broker will tell you up front regardless of the charges such as taxes, fuel charges, docking fees, and booking fees. When you ask for a quotation, check that the broker has included these fees.

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Make sure to ask before signing any paper when it has everything. If the travel agent asks for booking fees once you agreed to buy a holiday then better to stop here.

Also steer clear of travel agents that attempt to charge you more than one booking fee per person. The typical fee for a booking fee per person per holiday is approximately $20 to $40. If the travel agent attempts to bill each person a separate booking fee for your flight, the hotel, and some other trips then it’s much better to prevent such agents.

The next issue is if your travel service only deals in cash then it’s far better to stay away. A skilled and legitimate travel service will provide you with several options for payment. In actuality, it’s a good idea to use credit cards when dealing with travel arrangements. The reason it would be better off paying using a credit card as opposed to a cheque or money is that if something happens with the travel business you’re booked with, like the airline files for your insolvency; your credit card company will reimburse you.

If you pay with money you don’t have any protection. Any good travel agent will understand this and therefore accept payments through credit card in addition to recommend it. If you realize that your travel agent doesn’t accept credit card then stay away.