Aspects to Consider when Looking for A Certified General Accountant

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4 Aspects to Check when Finding the Right Certified General Accountant

Appointing a certified general accountant (CGA) will become an easier task when you are aware of aspects to check while searching for a CGA. As such, we will be sharing few of the details you need to examine during your search to find the right CGA.

Finding the Right Certified General Accountant

Industry Knowledge

certified general accountantYou should check whether certified general accountant (CGA) you are planning to hire has experience working for other businesses in your industry. For instance, if you are in healthcare industry then CGA should have complete knowledge of topics such as managed care, contractual allowances, etc.

Similarly, if you are in manufacturing industry then CGA should be conversant with topics such as inventory turnover, cost accounting, rules related to sales tax, investment tax credits and similar other details.

Business Advisory

You need to find someone who can do more than just play the role of a historian who manages your books of accounts or files tax returns. Your aim should be to find a certified general accountant who has the needed competency to take up the duties of a business adviser.

The right person will be able to offer proactive advice, strive to enhance firm's bottom line, build connections on your behalf, drive positive results and share ideas which will help in increasing your firm's productivity. Working as a business advisor, the CGA should be able to look into each and every aspect of your business ranging from insurance to expansions with utmost deftness. 

For example, regarding insurance, a CGA can help you decide whether taking a second site on lease would be a cheaper option in comparison to business interruption insurance. Similarly, related to expansions, a competent CGA can guide you about critical business decision such as use of additional capacity and affect it would have over operational costs.

Record Keeping and Accounts

A certified general accountant should be comfortable performing these important tasks. Moreover, CGA should have detailed knowledge of accounting systems and be able to take up different bookkeeping tasks. Lastly, CGA should also help you understand how each of these systems work so that it becomes easier for you to modify prices as well as evaluate profitability.

Diversified Services

You need to look for a certified general accountant who will be able to provide diversified services apart from the usual accounting, auditing and taxation services. During your search for a certified general accountant you will have to understand whether the person will be able to offer management consulting, would have expertise in bookkeeping and will have necessary experience to perform estate planning. 

Additionally, you will have to check whether CGA will assist you in designing as well as implementing different financial information techniques. Lastly, CGA should also have proper knowledge of how to analyze transactions related to business financing so that you can take right steps.

A Final Note

Thus, it is quite clear that a CGA can take up diversified roles and by having proper knowledge of aspects to be checked, you will be able to find the right person.