Are Internet Marketing Courses Worth Joining?

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In February this year I wrote a very long and quite detailed Clickbank University review – but I was not expecting the response I received.  Many people read the review and found it helpful (I hope) but a lot of them started asking me the rather basic question that I’d hoped I had covered in my review: is it worth joining?

It was not just Clickbank University they were asking this about, but many other similar courses too – including Wealthy Affiliate and even some really old ones like “The Rich Jerk”.

The answer, I’m afraid, is not what many people will want to hear.  These courses are not scams, at least not Wealthy Affiliate or Clickbank University, and they do have a lot of useful information for someone who’s looking to set up an affiliate marketing business.  But the most important factor in anyone’s success is the effort they put into it.

These courses can point you in the right direction, but you’ve got to make the journey – and you’ve got to pick yourself up and try again when you occasionally fail (there will be more of this at the start).

So courses like Clickbank University are worth joining – but only if you have the time, effort and money to invest in them.  If you do then join one, if not then save your money instead.