Anti-Radiation Phone Cases- Your Ally Against an Insidious Threat

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The boom in mobile phone sales over the last decade has been accompanied by a growing realisation that mobile phones are not actually very healthy items to be carrying close to your body. This fact was for a long time overlooked as being too inconvenient to acknowledge. Unfortunately, many couples are now paying the price for this early failure, as rates of infertility have risen worldwide.

There is no doubt that mobile phone radiation is driving this rise in infertility, but there is less of a consensus about how to tackle it. Legislation to limit mobile phone SAR ratings lacks sufficient bite to make any real difference, as the limits are much too high to be safe. This means that individual users are left to find their own solutions.

The trouble is that there are very few solutions to the problem of radiation; if you carry a device in your pocket that gives off microwaves, as all mobile phones do, you are going to absorb radiation. So until recently, you either accepted that radiation or you didn't carry the phone.

But one answer that is now becoming increasingly popular is to use a radiation shielding case, known widely as an anti-radiation phone case. You can read more about it works on the WaveWall website.

These cases stand out in an already crowded mobile phone case market, by virtue of the unique protection they give. Not only do the protect the phone, but they also protect the user.

The emergence of these anti-radiation cases can only be a healthy development. Not simply because they are an obvious health aid, with the potential to radically improve fertility for many couples; but also because they are a sign that mobile phone radiation is at last being recognised as the dangerous phenomena it really is.