Advantages Of Using A 3PL

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3PL stands for "Third Party Logistics". External logistics companies manage your transportation needs for you.  When your business gets big enough, it will no longer be profitable to keep hiring people to meet your shipping needs. 

It is no longer possible to access every broadcast. Situations like this require an outside consultant or 3PL. A good logistics company integrates into your existing system and simplifies your transportation process using 3PL record software

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If used properly, a good system replaces 3 employees. For example, a major treadmill manufacturer will partner with UPS Shipping for discounted prices as well as access to their software that seamlessly manages all of their online shipping and wholesale orders.

Orders are placed through an order tracking system and then immediately loaded into daily production and shipping labels are automatically printed. Usually, the scale is also equipped with a daily system and pickup.

The main advantage is volume-based discounts on shipping prices. If you use a third-party provider, you can take advantage of discounts on volume prices. Shipping companies want guaranteed delivery. 

Transport companies also offer big discounts on bulk shipments. 3PL will make guaranteed bulk shipments available to carriers by pooling resources from all of its customers.

This means that instead of the purchasing power of your company, you now have the purchasing power of the entire 3PL customer base that you use. It could be thousands of companies. If you tie yourself to this purchasing power, you'll end up saving.