5 Unique Ideas to incorporate TV to your bedroom

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Feeling want to have a TV inside your bedroom while the space is not really big? Well, don`t worry because we have many unique ideas that worth to try to incorporate your TV into that your sanctuary place. But please keep in mind to choose the right size to your room so it won`t disturb your sleep time as well as consume all space in your bedroom. A 32 inch hd TV is considerably perfect for medium bedroom. If you have master bedroom with walk in closet, then 60 inch TV can be good choice.

Let`s explore your creativity

Don`t let your bedroom space limit your creativity when it comes to decorate your own bedroom. Well, here are 5 unique ideas to put your TV inside your bedroom.

Custom Cabinetry

You can buy custom cabinetry specially made for your bedroom and leave space in the middle of the cabinet for your TV. If you are lucky enough, you can find the manufactured cabinetry that will fit your style.

Room Divider

If you have a particularly large bedroom or still have some left space, you can put your TV set as the room divider.

TV above the Fireplace

Even some sources told that putting TV above fireplace will shorten lifespan of TV, but placing Tv above fireplace is not only space saving but also gives some style to your room.

Smart Media Storage

If you have problem with small space, you might want to buy smart media storage like couple of cabinets or shelves that will bring many additional space to store things, including your TV.

Up from ceiling

You can mount your TV on your ceiling. This need special construction to make sure your Tv is safe and won`t fall down and create a mess. But this idea is cute, though. You may also see www.EximDesigns.com to get more info about 60 inch TVs.

So what`s your choice?

It is all depend on your bedroom design and style. Good luck!