10 Things that make you stay Poor.

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So many things in this world do not contribute to your financial future.  Here is a list of my top 10 things that will help you stay poor. Just to clarify – these Items I have chosen based on research and real life experience while running my Aberdeen web design company.

Television – This one activity take so much time from peoples lives, and gives nothing but amusement in return.  Avoid at all costs

Smart Phone – Another classic time waster.  These can be used in good practice with business (I have one I use for email, etc) but there is so very many things on there, games, etc that can just waste your time away.

Credit Cards – The fees associated with credit cards can be staggering.  Credit cards are designed to take your money away, and never get it backRent to Own AnythingAs with credit cards, this is designed to charge you for something that you use repeatedly over the course of months and years.  Often times the price you pay in then end would have been 4 times the original price, even more.  Save your money, Buy things outright and do not do Rent to Own

Lottery Tickets – My friend says Lottery tickets are a tax on the math handicap.  Your odds of winning are astronomical, and the majority of people just throw their money away.

Pull Tabs – Another way of Gambling…  These are designed to make the owner of the establishment money.  NOT YOU.

Bingo – Have you ever gotten rich accidentally?  Well that is what games such as Bingo semm to offer.  But the thing is, no one gets rich playing these games.  If you ever see someone get rich by this method it was a promotional ploy to get you to spend more.

Cigarettes – They take an increasingly larger amount of money to buy, and lets face it… They KILL you.  Cause all sorts of health problems, and can often times lead to larger addictions, like drugs and alcohol.

Collectibles – Often times collections just collect dust,  They are rarely ever used, and people spend an extraordinary large amount of time collecting, sorting, categorizing, and maintaining these collections that could be spent more productively on a business, or other activity.

Video Games – This is one of my largest hangups.   I have played video games since I was a little boy.  And for all the time I have spent on them, the long hours of practice to achieve good skills, and reach those high levels of “whatever”, I am no richer, no farther ahead in life.  So be warned… Unless they are going to PAY YOU to play, you will never get back what you put into them.  NEVER!

So next time you are doing your usual thing, and come across any of these items, keep in mind they are not designed to help you get rich, then are designed to make the owners, and creators of these items rich and take your money from you in the process.  So be careful what app you buy on the app store, or what game you play on your phone.  The time you spend, will be lost.  Instead why not take the time you would have spent on these items and create something of your own to make you the rich one.  I believe every single one of us needs to be a business owner, or entrepreneur.  Where the time we spend is directly related to the pay check at the end of the week.If you have a small business idea you would like to put into reality, and you would like my help, I would be happy to talk to you about what it would take for you to be in a business of your own.  We can start small, and take simple steps to get you up and running into a business of your own.  Here is to your success!