10 Risk Factors Contributing to High Blood Pressure

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Age: Age is a primary risk factor for any disease occurrence and high blood pressure is no exception. People above the age of 55 are more susceptible to getting this disease in comparison to youngsters. So, when you are in that age group, you need to invest in a high quality home blood pressure monitor such as Omron BP785 and keep tabs on your blood pressure.

Gender: Women are less likely to develop high blood pressure at a younger age than the men are. However, this gap is bridged as we go above in age. The risk of getting this disease gets almost equalized between the two genders as the age advances. However, women are still at a slightly lower risk of developing it.

Ethnicity: Black people are at greater risk of this disease. However, the studies have not yet revealed the fact whether African Americans or the African residents are at greater risk of the disease or at equivalent state.

Smoking: Smoking is a risk factor for a variety of diseases, blood pressure being one of them. This is the reason why doctors will ask you if you can quit the habit each time you visit his clinic.

Family History: A family history of having this disease pulls you to the top of the crowd as far as this disease is considered. Apart from all your lifestyle habits, if you has someone suffering from high blood pressure in your family, this simple fact brings you at a greater risk of this disease than anyone else with no such family background.

Diet: Almost everyone knows that salt is bad for high blood pressure patients. Apart from that, what you eat and how much weight it is going to contribute to your body plays an important part in your susceptibility to getting this disease.

Physical Activity: Your lifestyle and the amount of physical activity that you have in it play an important role in maintenance of good health. Lack of exercising and physical activities, result in a weak heart and obesity. All these altogether contribute to development of high blood pressure.

Medications: Some specific medicines and drugs can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Certain street drugs like cocaine, crack, and amphetamines can also stimulate your blood pressure to rise abnormally.

Kidney Problems: Kidneys act as regulating organs for your blood pressure and therefore certain damages to these organs might lead to unhealthy rise in blood pressure. Other Medical Issues: Some medical issues such as hormonal imbalances, tumors, anatomic abnormalities, etc. might lead to secondary hypertension. how to lower blood pressure naturally.